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You are a merchant on Amazon and want to get product reviews for your products? – Then you've come to the right place. Product reviews are the basis for every successful product on Amazon. Our Deal Platform gives you access to thousands of product testers who are just waiting to test your product.
Product reviews are the basis for every successful product on Amazon.
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Here's how it works:

1. Create a Deal

Create a product test deal by offering your product for free or at a discounted price.

2. Distribute Codes

Distribute your Amazon coupon codes among the applicants with which they can order the product.

3. Feedback

Our product testers now receive your product and test it. Lot of our testers enjoy writing reviews.

Our Prices & Services

We charge a small monthly fee for access to our thousands of dedicated product testers. You do not enter into any long-term contracts, our service can be terminated at any time on a monthly basis. All prices are addressed to businesses and are net prices.
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Campaigns per month
Product Testers per Deal
€59 / Month
Campaigns per month
Product Testers per Deal
€129 / Month
Campaigns per month
Product Testers per Deal
The easiest and best way to generate product reviews.

What is a product testing campaign?

In a product testing campaign, you provide our product testers with free or highly discounted products that can be purchased with a discount code directly on Amazon.
Our testers are generally not obliged or obligated to write a product review after receiving your product in accordance with the Amazon guidelines. However, since our testers are naturally very happy to give their opinion, a product test will in all probability have an effect on your amount of product reviews at Amazon, in addition to increased sales figures at Amazon, and will naturally cause your product to move up in the ranking.

I already have enough product reviews, can I also only push my sales?

This is also possible, you can set the percentage of your testers that are asked if they want to give a rating or not. If you want to increase your sales, you can vary this percentage so that only a few or no users will get a reminder.

Can I decide who gets a discount code?

We currently offer a choice of two different versions.
With automatic distribution, every interested product tester automatically receives a discount code until all codes are used up.
With the manual selection you can see an anonymous list of all product testers and you can assign your code individually filtered e. g. by gender.

Is there a maximum number of product testers?

No, each product test can be created with a theoretically unlimited number of discount codes. However, our testers decide individually whether they want to apply for a product or not, so there is no guaranteed number of testers or received product evaluations etc.
In general, the better the product and the higher your discount, the more you will find and the more enthusiastic product testers you will find.
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